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    By developing steam energy saving device DST Venturi Steam Trap and electric energy saving device Motor Power Load Optimal Control Device (OPC-M), we provide innovative solutions for companies to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to the global pursuit of green energy.

    OPC-MOptimum Power Control Device For Motors

    The device repeatedly and continuously detects the amount of torque required during each fluctuation in the motor load at a rate of one hundred thousandth of a second and returns the right amount of force to the production, realizing 15-50% electricity savings.

    DST Steam Trap

    It is a device that removes condensate generated in steam-operated production facilities, steam piping facilities, heat exchangers, etc. and achieves steam energy savings of more than 20% compared to mechanical steam traps by integrating a venturi type body, nozzle, strainer, and brow valve.

    Energy savings of 15~50%

    Reduced production and maintenance costs 20%

    Reduced carbon emissions 10%


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